The Long-Form Version

Five people had a dream in 2014 of creating comedy for their community. Doug Rothgeb, Eric Green, Tracie Mauk, Heather Jones, and Lindsey Theis brought their talents together to form Big Canvas with a shared value of making sure there are all-inclusive safe spaces for people to perform comedy, whether that be improv, stand-up, or sketch.

A board of directors was formed in 2016. Big Canvas operates under its direction. Board members set the budget, help raise money, and provide us support in various ways throughout the year.

Performances, classes, and community outreach are the three pillars that guide how Big Canvas conducts itself. From low cost or free shows and classes to individual partnerships with nonprofits, we can provide you the opportunity to learn how to think more quickly, increase your flexibility, be more spontaneous, and open up your creativity.

We welcome experienced improvisors to create their own shows with us, and we see every show, class, and workshop as opportunities to grow, laugh, and smile.