Big Canvas Welcomes Fringe Fest Night 2


The Omaha Fringe strives to bring the different members of the Omaha theatre community together for one open access and inclusive festival where theatre artists can experiment with new works and audiences can experience new theatrical movements. 

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Sat. 8/06 – 2:00 pm – Jason Levering – Down Ballot

Come and be part of an interactive read-through and workshop! Jason Levering is presenting selections from his new play, Down Ballot, in an experimental forum in which you, the audience member, are asked to play an integral part in the play’s development through open discussion after each scene reading. Each session will build upon the next.
This work was commissioned by Medici Media & Venture Theatre Company.

There is no charge for admission to these workshops, but you do need your Fringe Button to get in!

Content warning: Strong language and political themes

Sat: 8/06 – 3:30 pm – Next Stage – Meaningless

Is power meaningless? Is life meaningless? Is everything meaningless? Over 2,000 years ago, the book of Ecclesiastes laid out its case that everything under the sun was like a vapor–meaningless! Now considered one of the most controversial religious texts in the canon, many scholars have tried to explain away its significance. See why this book has inspired everyone from Shakespeare to Samuel Beckett in this one-man stage adaptation. From overwork to overindulgence, The Teacher, performed by OKC-based actor Rodney Brazil, is here to explain the meaningless existence of everything under the sun.​

Sat: 8/06 – 5:00 pm – Get Real Entertainment-I Am a Black Woman

Michelle Wallace once said, “Being on the bottom we would have to do what no one else has done; we would have to fight the world”. For our main character, the fight is against the worldly images that work to shape her identity and her own narratives. Here, it’s a world of her own making and she is doing everything in her power to make sense of it all without getting too far off track. The ideologies of this world tried its damnedest to define her existence and control her image. Having not only the enduring will and grace to accept what she is given and create something new, but also understanding the extent of her own power. All things considered, “I Am a Black Woman” is the greatest affirmation of all.

Sat: 8/06 – 6:30 pm – Big Canvas – A Night of Improv

Five people had a dream in 2014 of creating comedy for their community. Doug Rothgeb, Eric Green, Tracie Mauk, Heather Jones, and Lindsey Theis brought their talents together to form Big Canvas with a shared value of making sure there are all-inclusive safe spaces for people to perform comedy, whether that be improv, stand-up, or sketch.

Sat: 8/06 – 8:00 pm – Steven Nicholas-ExperiMENTAL

ExperiMENTAL is an interactive mind reading experience that will twist your reality in the most delightful way. Steven knows what you’re thinking, and he’s happy to prove it to you. Audience involvement is integral to the show, and your individual thoughts and decisions will make every performance a unique event.

Sat. 8/06 – 9:30 pm – Hailey Neumann-A Boy Named Hailey

Hailey is a thoughtful, not so young human being. Some call him a gentleman and scholar on his best day, others are generally annoyed by him the other 364 days of the year. He is grateful to be alive, still. He has two children who outshine him in every way and a wife who makes everyone hopeful they can land a 10, when maybe they are a 2 or 3. He has a few degrees in philosophy, finance, and marketing. He started a few businesses, which successfully failed. His wife mostly tolerates the dog he loves. His favorite things are reading Dog Man with his boy, letting his daughter pick his nose and attempt to poke his eyes out, and accidentally using the women’s restroom.

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  • The Blackstone Theatre
  • 3624 Farnam St.
  • Omaha
  • NE
  • USA

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  • 08/06/2022 6:00 PM