Big Canvas was founded on the mission “Comedy For Everyone.”

With that mission in mind, Big Canvas can not stand idly by and be silent to the racism and hate in our community or our nation.

We grieve over the senseless violence and killing of minorities and our nation’s brutal history of injustice and we support those who protest for a better tomorrow.

To quote the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, “When we hear the cries of those who are mourning, we know America needs nothing less than a Third Reconstruction. Mourning means people still believe things can change. You don’t protest what you believe is unchangeable, you destroy it. Protest is hope. The hope is in the mourning. And it is deep. We must cry out with all who hunger for justice.”

Big Canvas invites all people in the spirit of laughter and communication.  The foundation of improv is “yes and,” meaning “yes, I hear you and I will build upon what you have said.” We must come together and say to those who are in pain “yes, and we hear you!” “Yes, and we love you!” “Yes, and we will protect you.”

Black Lives Matter!